Where can I get Firewood?

Firewood can be bought and picked up in person during business hours at Sunnymeade Farm. We are just minutes outside Olney!You can also buy/order online, just scroll down!
What should I know about buying Firewood?

Here you can find answers to common question about purchasing wood from Sunnymeade Farm.

We accept payment of Cash or Check at the time of pick up or delivery. In addition you can pay electronically through PayPal. You will have the choice of payment when buying online.

You can pickup your Firewood any time during our regular business hours. In addition limited after hours pickup can be arranged, but that is dependent on our availability. 

Our regular business hours are Mon-Fri 9am-4pm. 

Delivery can be arranged by appointment during our regular business hours. We have a flat rate for deliveries within a 15 mile radius of our Farm.  Delivery can be made to the driveway or any location accessible by our truck on your property. 
Regular delivery does NOT allow for stacking or moving the Firewood from where the truck is unloaded.

We will stack up to a Cord of Firewood for a set price as long as the Truck can get within 30 feet of where the wood is to be stacked. If we have to “walk” the Firewood further than 30 feet this is outside of the flat rate and will be charged at $80/h. 

All of our Firewood has come from either naturally felled wood or dead standing wood that we felled 6 months ago. 

The age of the Firewood varies. It’s safe to say our Firewood is seasoned at least 1 season maybe as many as 6 seasons. 

We sell they way you want to buy from a handful of pieces to a full cord. We have 100+ cords of Firewood available so if you need larger quantities we have you covered. 

We would happily sell you all the Firewood! Our goal is to clear the land for spring planting.

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