Sunnymeade equipment and wood

Our Mission

We are striving to rebuild a historic farm and bring back a slice of history in a small corner of the world. We hope to honor those that built the house and maintained the lands before us. We are doing so with the intent to have it last for the next hundred years and beyond.

Barbed Wire Nightmare

First must be clearing some of the land. 

You can see from these pics how dense the growth was. 

On the right, Duane is prepping to pull barbed wire fence which circled the farm and in many places had grown into the trees.

Vine choked overgrowth

Bringing the Farmhouse Back

Undergrowth, overgrowth and a whole lot of trash to handle outside, there is also the farmhouse to restore and renovate.  We will keep this site and one other updated on the progress.  

The house was begun in the late 1700s on the east side, the smallest side. A second section was added around 1832, the west side or the side with the porches. The last section was added to join the two around 1855 and a new roof was added to conjoin the three sections under one roof.  

There were bathrooms added and a boiler added in the early 1940s but unfortunately, some of that work was not up to the 1800s section standards and the house started to deteriorate. Most of the older parts of the house are actually in better shape, but still there is much to be done. 

Your support in buying the wood harvested from all the dead trees is most appreciated. Our first crop! 

Thank you for your support.

Our Vision

Sunnymeade will offer a respite to family and friends. We will grow grapes, if the land desires, create wine and of course keep our bees for mead.

We will grow, learn and most of all, be in touch with the past, present and future.